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Poor Communication Skills Stall
Even the Most Promising Careers
Mike was a Manager at a consulting firm, but he was struggling.

  • He had great expertise but his presentations were unstructured with massive leaps in logic, so people could not follow his ideas.
  • He often repeated himself and struggled to get the right level of detail.
  • He got cut off and interrupted in every team meeting.
  • When asked questions, his responses were defensive and often 4+ minutes in length.

Mike noticed that he was being invited to fewer and fewer meetings.

He knew he had to do something, so he worked with Speak by Design and followed the steps covered in this book.

Now, Mike structures messages in a way that cuts out the fluff.

He communicates top down so he gets right to the point and everyone knows what to do.

He is concise and meets the audience right where they are.

His content is memorable.

His delivery is dynamic.

He varies his pace, gesture, pitch, volume, and facial expressions.

He is smiling a lot more, and so is his audience.

Mike is now a central focus in meetings.

He is facilitating his own meetings with a good balance of telling, asking, and listening.

Mike was promoted to Partner, all thanks to learning how to Speak by Design.

With Speak by Design, You Learn To Present Your Ideas so They Are Heard
You say goodbye to...

  • Rambling
  • Unstructured speeches that don't get your point across
  • Struggling to provide the right level of detail
  • Problems thinking on your feet
  • Comments about having "low energy"
  • Issues conveying confidence

And finally become the confident, transformational communicator you want to be so you can showcase your impact and expertise. 
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Kim, Executive Vice President of HR at Bank
"Speak by Design helps people become crisp, confident and captivating. "
Dominique, Retail Media Leader
“The 4 Beliefs are powerful. I am most excited to continue to build my self confidence as well as continue to use these tools for upcoming meetings and presentations."
Adam, Consultant at Management Strategy Firm
“These concepts have made me a better professional. Speak by Design is thoughtful and practical.  I recommend this to anyone who wants to be a better communicator."
Speak by Design is the Complete Guide to Elevating Your
In just 45 pages, you'll learn the key concepts that we use with our one on one clients to take their communication to executive levels.

Here is what you'll discover inside the Speak By Design book:

Chapter 1: Presence and Mindset
  • Discover how to command attention and leave a lasting impression on senior leaders, clients or your team
  • Develop the proper mindset that sets the stage for impactful communication, without this, techniques and frameworks will fall flat
  • Learn the 3 S’s of Presence that will transform your speaking skills
  • The 4 beliefs that fuel communication confidence and how to adopt them before your next meeting
  • How to use the skills you naturally possess to deliver powerful presentations to groups of any size

Chapter 2: Designing Your Delivery
  • Develop your authentic presentation style to captivate any audience no matter your current skill or experience
  • The five powerful gestures you can incorporate into your communication instantly (and the five to avoid)
  • Six elements of your voice that you can use to create different moods within your audience
  • The three vocal styles that every leader much master for maximum effectiveness in any situation
  • How to remove four verbal mistakes from your communication that undermine your expertise and authority

Chapter 3: Building Your Message
  • Learn the two audience analysis tools that will help you deliver the right message in the right way, every time
  • The key engagement techniques for strong starts and closes
  • How to find your “headline” and overall message development so you can always deliver the right level of detail to your audience
  • Master the two message development frameworks every leader must know

Chapter 4: Poise Under Pressure
  • The four steps to handling tough questions and thinking on your feet
  • How to release your agenda AND come to a consensus when communications take an unexpected turn
  • Tailor your message delivery in real-time by mastering the skill of reading your audience (without getting flustered) 
  • How to use every communication opportunity to deepen your skills
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Perfecting Delivery Masterclass
Keeping your audience engaged. Commanding a room. Being a confident communicator.

It all requires perfecting your message delivery.

In this nine-part video masterclass, you’ll dig deeper into delivering a stand-out message that gets heard (and acted upon).

Implementing even one of the techniques in these nine videos can make an instant impact on your next conversation, meeting or presentation.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Uncover the secrets to sparking curiosity from the first word and leaving a lasting impression with your compelling conclusions
  • Master the art of crafting captivating narratives that not only stand out but linger in your audience's minds
  • Discover your authentic voice: The key to differentiating yourself and boosting your credibility
  • Learn how to maximize resonance and projection, the secret behind commanding presence
  • Hone your articulation agility to ensure every word you say counts
  • Develop a leadership image that commands respect and authority (in a way that’s uniquely yours)
  • Unravel the mysteries behind effective non-verbal communication
  • Balancing strength with vulnerability: The ultimate secret sauce to capturing hearts, driving engagement and breaking barriers
The 6Ms & Pyramid Message Templates
Make message development easy with these two message development structures from the book created as fill-in-the-blank templates.

This fillable PDF guides you step by step to winning message development in minutes.

Speak by Design Audiobook
If you prefer listening to books on the go, this bonus is for you.

Order today and we’ll include the audiobook version of Speak by Design for free.

Bonus in the audio only: Hear Stephanie’s signature vocal warm-up for strengthening your voice.
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Our Clients Include Top Executives At:
What Our Clients Have To Say
Melanie, Digital Transformation Manager
"A transformational experience! I've gone to many
communications trainings, but this was exactly what was needed
to get me out of my comfort zone and pinpoint the exact areas
that were holding me back."
Juliana, IT Executive / Angel Investor, INSEAD Executive MBA
“I just accepted my dream job! Speak by Design helped me to
understand what I could do differently in terms of style and structure
and more importantly helped me to build my confidence."
Reginald, Director of Investments, Non Profit
“Thank you very much for all of your help. It definitely made a
difference. My presentation last week to the team went very
well. Everyone clearly got the message I was trying to convey!"
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