We help smart people become top communicators so that companies thrive and reach their goals.
(even if you've struggled with communication in the past)
Become the Leader They Need and Want
Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You have decades of experience.
  • You are a strong performer.
  • You have a wide variety of stakeholders and are managing key strategic initiatives.
  • Yet, your ideas are not being heard.
  • You struggle finding the right level of detail. 
  • Thinking on your feet has gotten harder.
  • Your people want more clarity from you. 
  • Your people want to be motivated and inspired by you.
Meanwhile you are busy with a mountain of tasks, while striving to be an open ear to your team's growing requests and needs to vent.

Then, you receive feedback that your "communication could be better."

It is something like:

     You are talking too long. 
     You get frustrated easily.
     You need a stronger presence. 
     You seem dismissive.
     You need to be more inspirational.
     You need to be consistently compelling.
    At this point you recognize that you are going to get stuck career wise if you don’t make some changes.

    So being the "expert", you start to
    • do research
    • talk to colleagues  
    • ask advice from your boss and HR
    • read books
    • speak to your network outside your company
    • ...and you just get more confused with the contradiction in feedback and directions.

    So then you start taking responsibility by explaining your behavior to the person who gave the feedback, further making you look defensive and less open to change. 

    Then, you decide to make some big changes and you end up over-correcting the feedback and make a whole new issue. 

    You then realize, "I am not being myself". You go back to your old habits, and meetings get even worse.

    Doubt creeps in and you ask yourself - “Is it even possible to change my communication style? I feel so far down the path that it seems irreversible. They already have their minds made up about me." 

    There is something you can do!

     The majority of managers get stuck and end up leaving their companies to find new opportunities.

    However, it does not have to be that way. 

    Just imagine going...
    From Needs Improvement...
     to Exceeds Expectations 
    From Tentative...
     to Confident 
    From Invisible...
     to Memorable 
    From Confused...
     to Clear 
    From Defensive...
     to Inspiring 
    From Following...
     to Leading the Team
    "Nailed it!
    A few people asked if I was a professional speaker. Ha! I said, 'no, but I work with a professional coach!' Speak by Design helped me feel confident and my coach gave me feedback in the way I like to receive it! I look forward to my next presentation."

     - Kim, Executive Vice President of HR
    What doesn't work...
    Reassuring Yourself that You Just Need More Reps
    Nothing changes if you continue delivering the status updates the same way, answering questions the same way, and telling the same old stories. This is not something that cures on its own with more years of experience.  It usually gets worse over time.  Most of our clients are in the second half of their careers with poor communication habits.
    Waiting on Your Boss to Mentor You
    Your boss is too close to the situation to give you clear direction. They also may be overwhelmed themselves and don't have the time or teaching skills to assist.  They may even struggle with similiar issues.
    Hoarding Free Information from the Internet
    You tell me, how is that going for you? Free stuff is free.  That is how much value you attach to it.  How many pages have you downloaded?
    Doing it Alone
    It takes a lot of strength to admit you need help. It takes courage to let a coach assess your skills and suggest new ways. Your ego and pride has to be put down and you need to be coachable to do so. Doing it alone is the easy way out and never works.
    "A transformational experience!
    I've gone through many communication trainings, but this was exactly what was needed to get me out of my comfort zone and pinpoint the exact areas that were holding me back.  I truly value the time invested and the quality of coaching provided."

     - Melanie, Digital Transformation Leader
    Speak by Design University
    Become the Leader They Need and Want.
    We help leaders become consistently compelling forces, so they can grow strong teams and organizations.
    How it all works...
    Start Watching 30+ Videos Immediately 
    Choose from 6+ Communication Coaches for Your 1-on-1 Calls
    Join the LIVE group coaching on Fridays
    Watch or attend the weekly lessons around our theme (June Theme = Writing for Impact)
    Network with our private LinkedIn group
    Start using the structures and strategies in 30+ workbooks 
    OPTIONAL Request a Practice Partner 
    BONUS Invitation to a 2-hour signature training every month ($695 value per month)

    Speak by Design University is the complete leadership communication solution for only $450 per month. The price will change starting July 1.

    It's the best coaching value anywhere in the world.

    2 Monthly Private Coaching Sessions
    Every month you have access to two, 45-minute private sessions to work on communication challenges and opportunities. Work with the same or different coaches each month. Build a custom plan!
    Weekly "LIVE" Group Sessions
    We bring the group together twice a week. On Wednesdays we have a lesson or group training. On Fridays, we have group coaching on any topic the room wishes to discuss. It's "open mic" style. 
    Access to the Vault of Recorded Lessons
    We have taken all of our lessons and created videos and workbooks for you to review at your convenience. All replays are made available from the weekly meetings, too. You do not have to attend "LIVE".
    Incredible Networking with People Like You
    We love helping you expand your circle and find ways to help one another. This is a haven for people in transitions of all types.  You will find great mentorship, support, and inspiration from people outside your industry.

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    Members Share Their Experience

    "Speak by Design University is awesome!  Private coaching is fun and engaging.  The sessions are well structured.  I really appreciate being able to practice using real-world scenarios and look forward to continue practicing the tools that I learned during my sessions."

    Dominique, Manager at Tech Firm

    "Good news! I got the promotion. I wanted to thank Speak by Design University for playing a key role in this achievement not only for your coaching, but also for the motivation and enthusiasm in every session we had."

    Alex, Associate Partner at Global Management Strategy Firm

    "Thank you, Speak by Design. Your coaches guided me on restructuring my resume and enhancing my leadership communication skills. This helped me get promoted to a new position. I am starting the new role in December, and your guidance was one of the keys to my success."

    Manmeet, VP of Finance at Healthcare Company

    "When I started with Speak by Design, one of my goals was to have an impact on our industry by becoming more active in our industry association (Insights Association).  After a couple of months of leaning in on my effort, while utilizing your communication approaches, I am pleased to say that I will be moving into the President-Elect position.  I want to thank you, Kat and the Speak by Design team for giving me the tools to make something like this happen. I’m grateful for how you have impacted my career and look forward to future opportunities these methods will afford me."

    Rich Ratcliff, Chief Trust Officer

    "Speak by Design has an exceptionally talented team that truly stands out in the realm of speaking and coaching. Their strategic approach to crafting and delivering content is not only innovative but highly effective, ensuring that every session is actionable and memorable. I have benefitted from their support both personally and professionally. They should be your top choice for anyone looking to elevate their leadership capabilities."

    Sharon McIntosh, CPC, President, And Then Communications & Coaching

    "Speak by Design coaching was beyond great. My coaches were able to identify my main areas for improvement and guide me towards the development I needed."

    Vitor, Engagement Manager at Global Management Strategy Firm

    "I just wanted to share some great news – I found out yesterday that I was promoted!!  Thank you so much for your help and coaching earlier this year as this was absolutely instrumental in helping me to find my voice and confidence and turning things around for me.  So THANK YOU again for spending the time with me and really helping me realize my full potential."

    Brandi, Manager at Global Management Strategy Firm

    "My presentation last week to the team went very well. Thank you very much for all of your help. It definitely made a difference as everyone clearly got the message I was trying to convey with regards to the only experience!"

    Reginald Sanders, CFA, CAIA, Managing Director, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

    “Speak by Design has changed my mindset and behaviors toward all communication. It also equipped me with tactical skills for becoming a more effective communicator. I feel confident to communicate difficult messages to both clients and team members.”

    Mary, Global Management Strategy Firm

    “My coach gave me great advice which helped me to achieve my communication goals.  The coaching exceeded my expectations.  Overall, it will enable me to speak clearly and think before I speak.  Thank you for your great efforts and expertise.  The coaching sessions were everything I needed and very helpful in enhancing my current role.”

    Sonya, Business Executive

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    How long is the program?

    Speak by Design University was designed as a year-long program; however, you can join for as many months as you'd like. We know that if you go all-in for a full year, you will write and speak completely different. Many members create such amazing changes that they decide to stay in Speak by Design University for years. Others decide to join for just a few months. There is no minimum enrollment time, but we know you'll find so much value you won't want to leave.

    I am already a good speaker. Is this the right option for me?

    Yes, Speak by Design University is a place for professional speakers to come practice. Many members join to work on their keynotes and sales pitches. They use Speak by Design University to achieve massive goals, make more money, and feel better overall. There are many high-achieving speakers who use these tools to take their careers from good to mind-blowing.

    Can I try Speak by Design University before enrolling?

    We do not have the option to try Speak by Design out before you fully enroll, but you may cancel your membership at any time.

    What is the time commitment?

    We suggest spending at least 15 minutes per day on the topic that you have chosen to work on. We also recommend attending at least one 60-minute Live Coaching Call (or watching the replay) and using your two private coaching sessions each month.

    Can I receive 1:1 coaching?

    Yes, you will receive two, one-on-one coaching sessions every month. The value of these weekly sessions alone is worth more than your monthly membership. If you want more than two sessions, we will extend the discounted rate of $200/session and bill those at the end of the month.

    What topics are included?

    The topic we feature changes each month. Some topics that are available for you at any time are:

    Style: Presence, Mindset, Visual Leadership, Vocal Presence, Relationship Building, Assertiveness, Networking, Personal Brand

    Structure: Message Development, Audience Analysis, Strong Starts and Closes, High Impact Meetings, Agility, Change Vision, Writing

    Strategy: Handling Questions, Handling Objections, Influencing Skills, Delivering Bad News, Poise under Pressure, Time Management, Coaching Others

    Leadership: Leadership and Management, Problem Solving, Time Management, Motivation, Decision Making, Hiring and Termination

    How do payments work? When am I billed?

    Your first monthly payment is charged immediately upon enrollment and recurring payments will be made every 30 days after the first of the month. You may cancel at any time. Let us know by the 15th of the prior month.

    When you join Speak by Design University, you will get immediate access to our goal setting tools. At the first of the month, you will gain access to the full suite: everything in Speak by Design University, including the featured topic, private and group coaching, and the Vault.

    Can I rejoin if I want to cancel?

    Yes, but you’ll need to wait one full year before rejoining.

    We hope to have you with us next month!