"Speak by Design University is awesome!  Private coaching is fun and engaging.  I felt that the session were well structured.  I really appreciate being able to practice using real-world scenarios and look forward to continue practicing the tools that I learned during my sessions."
Sharon, President of
Communications Firm, Podcaster
"Speak by Design coaching was beyond great. My coaches were able to identify my main areas for improvement and guide me towards the development I needed."
Vitor, Associate at Global
Management Strategy Firm
"Good news! I got the promotion. I wanted to thank Speak by Design University for playing a key role in this achievement not only for your coaching, but also for the motivation and enthusiasm in every session we had."
Alex, Associate Partner at Global Management Strategy Firm
"This note is to thank you!  The call with my evaluator was excellent.  It is unbelievable how you foresaw the key moments of the call.  I was so ready for every turning point in the conversation.  I felt on fire in this call.  Thanks for preparing me!"
Associate Principal, Global Management Strategy Firm
"My coach was constructive and inspiring, and I genuinely enjoyed our time together.  I am walking away armed with a plethora of communication tactics to use in every day meetings as well as a long term plan to help build my career."
Manager, Bio Technology Firm
"Speak by Design University exceeded my expectations.  Each coaching and training was theoretical and practical.  This is the perfect practice for work situations."
Manager, Technology Firm

"I just wanted to share some great news – I found out yesterday that I was promoted!!  Thank you so much for your help and coaching earlier this year as this was absolutely instrumental in helping me to find my voice and confidence and turning things around for me.  So THANK YOU again for spending the time with me and really helping me realize my full potential."

Brandi, Manager at Global Management Strategy Firm
"Thank you, Speak by Design. Your coaches guided me on restructuring my resume and enhancing my leadership communication skills. This helped me get promoted to a new position. I am starting the new role in December, and your guidance was one of the keys to my success."
Manmeet, VP of Finance
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Here are some of the stories of our members

An investment bank gave a new Managing Director a 6-month program with Speak by Design as part of onboarding. Speak by Design helped the MD make a strong start and sign three on three new engagements. Speak by Design accelerated their comfort in how to represent the new company, build strong internal relationships quickly, and grow business immediately.
IT product company gave top sales people 6-months of support plus 6-months of access to on-demand coaching to help perfect their new business presentations. The company saw a 50% increase in win rate on new business presentations from those sales people over a 12 month period.
A management strategy firm gave an Associate Principal who was struggling a 6-month program to work on developing a few new strengths. The Associate Principal used the coaching to have a personal transformation and promote a new offering. He sailed his way to Partner at the next designation.
The top three leaders at a start up firm each enrolled in the 6-month program to work on how they spoke to investors. Some of their coaching time was used in joint rehearsals. Prior to the coaching, they were not getting any investors. After one month in the program, they saw a shift and secured investments from every conversation.


Members can cancel at any time by the 15th of the previous month. While we recommend a minimum of 4 months, that is not required.

Come to Speak by Design University for what you can learn and stay because of who you become.

Client Impact
Opportunity to accelerate my professional development
Virtual coaching has given me a unique opportunity to accelerate my professional development. The ability to reference the videos after the session created a significant step change in my learning. While in-person coaching can be a great experience, the recordings following a virtual session allowed me to truly internalize the learnings to get the most out of coaching. In addition, through virtual sessions I am also learning how to communicate virtually with others.

Irina, Business Consulting Firm
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Extremely Beneficial. Highly Recommend.
The coaching was extremely beneficial in enhancing my communication style and skills. I would highly recommend Speak for Design for anyone wanting to increase their effectiveness and presence.

Dave, Supportive Housing Firm
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I’m very glad I was referred to you! It is better than I expected!
Kat is very relatable and is able to take information and mirror it back quickly! It’s very impressive and I am enjoying working with her. I am excited to practice all of the action steps that she gave me and see how she builds upon the progress that is made. Excited to be moving forward and working with an extremely organized, professional company. I’m very glad I was referred to you and that it is better than what I expected.

Greg, Remediation Company
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I wish I had taken the training sooner 
I wouldn't change a thing about the training, this was a very helpful class that I wish I had taken the training sooner. Michelle did an excellent job teaching us.

Harvey, Government Property Manager
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I would recommend Speak by Design, without reservation, to anyone
Mariann is fantastic! She is knowledgeable, caring, prepared, and gives constitutive feedback and customizes her coaching. Stephanie’s lectures and coaching is amazing - such a pro. I could tell that you care through your approach. You are more than just communications coaching - you give good business advice and do excellent mindset work. I would recommend Speak by Design, without reservation, to anyone

Salil, Business Consulting Firm
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I’m grateful for how you have impacted my career
When I started with Speak by Design I had some goals around how I wanted this endeavor to impact my professional life, one being to have an impact on our industry. I started using many of the techniques Speak by Design introduced to me. During and after a couple of months of utilizing your communication approaches, I am pleased to say that I will be moving into the President-Elect position of our regional chapter.  I want to thank the Speak by Design team for giving me the tools to make something like this happen. I’m grateful for how you have impacted my career and look forward to future opportunities these methods will afford me.

Rich, Chief Product Officer

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